Nutmeg Seed

Nutmeg  Seed
Nutmeg Seed
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Nutmeg (Myristicaceae)

Nutmeg (Myristicaceae) is the pit or kernel of a tropical evergreen tree that can grow 25 feet tall. The tree itself has dark glossy leaves and produces yellow flowers before the fruits appear. The pit isn't the only useful part of the fruit. Mace, another common spice, is the red, lacy outer covering (arillus) of the nutmeg  pit.

The nutmeg tree originated in the spice islands of Indonesia. It becomes mature about the time people do, around 21 years of age. How to Buy Nutmeg

Buy the whole pit rather than the ground nutmeg usually available in the grocery store; the flavor will be stronger and last longer. The pits are sometimes sold as nutmeg nuts, but this is a misnomer. Keep the pits in an air tight container. Do not refrigerate them.

Is Nutmeg Hallucinogenic?

If you've heard that nutmeg is hallucinogenic, it's true. The bad news is that you'd have to grind and eat over half a nut for it to have any effect and it would make you terribly nauseated.
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